We are delighted to announce our support for the Italian Team Fencing Championships and the third stage of the Wheelchair Fencing Grand Prix, for the visually impaired and category C, both male and female, which will take place in Piacenza from March 21st to 24th, 2024.

Organized by the A.S.D. Circolo della Scherma “G. Pettorelli,” these events represent a milestone in the Italian fencing scene, involving athletes from all over Italy and promoting inclusion through sports.

The Italian Team Fencing Championships will see the participation of approximately 350 teams from across Italy, competing for the Italian title in various categories. With the involvement of coaches, supporters, and spectators, we estimate that around 3000-3500 people will crowd the city during the four-day competition.

The competitions will kick off on Thursday, March 21st, with the men’s and women’s foil teams, and will continue in the following days with saber and epee matches in all categories. Additionally, the third stage of the Wheelchair Fencing Grand Prix will be a particularly exciting moment, with Paralympic and Olympic athletes competing together in wheelchairs.

During the event, the “Galleria del Gusto” will be set up at Piacenza Expo, where visitors can taste and purchase local products in collaboration with the gastronomic consortia of the province.

Giovanni Freghieri

The new image for the fencing championships event has been created once again this year by Giovanni Freghieri. Born in Piacenza in 1950, Freghieri is known for his work on successful titles such as “Ultima fermata: l’incubo!” and “La fine del Mondo,” renowned cross-overs between DYLAN DOG and MARTIN MYSTÈRE, published by Bonelli Editions.

His passion for drawing began at a young age, when he had the opportunity to apprentice under a professional comic artist named Giancarlo Tenenti. Since then, his career has been marked by significant collaborations and prominent works in the Italian comic scene.

Freghieri has worked on numerous series for various publishing houses, contributing stories to publications such as “Intrepido,” “Il Monello,” “Lanciostory,” and “Skorpio.” In 1984, he began his collaboration with Bonelli Editions, where he illustrated adventures of BELLA & BRONCO and several episodes of MARTIN MYSTÈRE and DYLAN DOG.

His prolificacy and versatility have led him to work on several other Bonelli characters, including Zagor and Dampyr. Over the years, Freghieri has continued to solidify his reputation as one of the most talented and esteemed illustrators in the Italian comic scene.

In addition to his work in comics, Freghieri is also a talented photographer. His extensive experience and creativity make him a prominent figure in the visual arts world.

 Circolo della Scherma

Circolo della Scherma “G. Pettorelli” has a rich history of passion and talent in the fencing world. Founded in 1955 by Bruno Polidoro, Gianni Giacobbi, and Sandrino Bernardelli, the club was dedicated to their late friend with whom they shared experiences at the Società Schermistica Piacentina.

Since its inception, the Circolo has been a point of reference for fencing enthusiasts, with Maestro Bruno Polidoro guiding its technical growth until 1994. In the 1970s and 1980s, his children Milly and Carlo contributed to the club’s success.

Throughout over sixty years of history, Circolo Pettorelli has seen many champions emerge and has trained prominent athletes on the national stage. Among them, we remember Matilde Astrua and Giuseppina Bersani in foil, and Saba Amendolara and Alessandro Bossalini in epee, who have represented Italy with honor in international competitions.

Under the presidency of Sandrino Bernardelli, the Circolo experienced a phase of expansion and consolidation, opening a modern fencing hall in 2004 and achieving significant sporting successes with the men’s and women’s epee teams excelling in the national leagues.

The 50th anniversary in 2005 was celebrated with an International Master event that saw the participation of world-renowned fencers, paying homage to the memory of Maestro Bruno Polidoro.

In 2007, the Circolo was awarded the Golden Star for sporting merit, confirming its status of excellence in the Italian sports scene.

Under the guidance of President Alessandro Bossalini since 2013, the Circolo continues to grow and distinguish itself in organizing high-level events, contributing to the training of new talents and promoting a passion for fencing.

The Circolo della Scherma “Giorgio Pettorelli” remains a benchmark in the Italian sports scene, confirming its commitment to training successful athletes and promoting the culture of fencing.

For further information about the event, we invite you to visit the website www.piacenzascherma.com.

We are thrilled to be part of this great sporting event and to contribute to the success of the Italian Team Fencing Championships and the Wheelchair Fencing Grand Prix, for the visually impaired and category C, both male and female.