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Our journey begins in 2011 with Provide Solution, a design studio that begins to deal with a sector – that of mechanics and automation – continuously transformed by technological developments and characterized, above all in our area, by the coexistence of large, medium and small production realities, each with different needs.

Hence the idea of focusing on flexibility, initially by dividing the studio into three independent departments of mechanical, electrical and software design, and then launching Labormak, a start-up for the design of special machines, specifically made to customer specifications.

Labormak expands rapidly, passing from small applications to the construction of entire plants and automated lines. The skills gained in the fields of design and construction lead us in 2019 to expand our service to the machine tool sector by acquiring Intesa, a company specialized in assistance services to which it was decided to support the creation of a new line of Machining Centers.

In 2021, the acquisition of Solmec Automation which merged into Labormak, enables us to further strengthen our services in special machines making and electrical cabinets construction – while in January 2023, the newest subsidiary company joined the Group: Birdtech. The acronym stands for Business. Innovation. Research. Development Technology, and carries out aimed Resaearch&Development actions applied to industrial machines, creating a network with leading research centres.

Our tagline, “Infinity Feasible,” encapsulates this approach, which we still use today as we look for design solutions to the problems raised by the most recent technological advancements.

Labormak builds special plants in the industrial automation sector and electrical cabinets for various fields of application, taking charge in whole or in part, of the entire production process; from the construction project to the installation of plants or machines and final testing. Seated from the experience of Provide Solution, the company bases its skills on the professionalism of a team specialized in the design of automatic and semi-automatic machinery, single elements or entire production plants for the most diverse sectors, from automotive to packaging, completing advanced robotics solutions for tending machines and robotic cells, up to the realisation of entire automatic lines. Labormak is therefore able to provide “turnkey” projects, dealing with all the construction aspects.

Intesa designs and builds Machining Centers and constantly develops new implementations and models with the same orientation towards quality on which the company was founded right from the first prototype. It also takes care of assistance on the entire existing Linea machine park: today it is the only reference company for all the machines produced by this brand, with a team of specialized technicians ready to promptly intervene on any mechanical, electrical or software problem.

BirdTech, which stands for Business Innovation Research Development Technology, is our company specialized in research and development. Our goal is to introduce new technologies or innovative applications of existing technologies into every project. Thanks to BirdTech, we are able to undertake projects and assignments that require advanced applied research and create cutting-edge products and solutions. Our multidisciplinary team of experts collaborates with the mechanical, electrical, and software design departments of Provide Solution, as well as the production facilities of Labormak and Intesa. We are determined to promote innovation and reach new technological horizons.

The synergistic combination of BirdTech with other companies in the Provide Group represents a significant added value. It allows us to enhance our offering and develop advanced and cutting-edge solutions while maintaining our competitiveness in the market. Each project is approached with a high degree of customization, always considering the specific requirements of the client. Especially when it comes to unusual or unique design challenges that require out-of-the-box solutions. By collaborating with our design and production teams in all companies within the Group, BirdTech is committed to conveying the meaning of our company mission, encapsulated in our slogan: “Infinitely achievable.”

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