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2011 saw the start of our journey with Provide Solution. This technical design company started to tackle the mechanical and automation industry, which is always changing due to technological advancements and is distinguished, particularly in our region, by the coexistence of large, medium, and small production enterprises, each with its own needs.

Because of this, the company was initially split into three separate mechanical, electrical, and software design sections. Then Labormak was launched, a startup company that created unique machines tailored to meet consumer demands.

Labormak quickly grew from developing simple applications to building complete factories and automated production lines. By acquiring Intesa in 2019, we were able to expand our selection of machining centres thanks to the knowledge we obtained in the design and construction industry. We chose to expand Intesa’s help services division by producing a new range of machining centres.

By the end of 2021, just two years after we acquired Solmec Automation, we had added electrical cabinet construction to our list of special machine services. Our tagline, “Infinity feasible,” encapsulates this approach, which we still use today as we look for design solutions to the problems raised by the most recent technological advancements.

Labormak is a company that builds specialized industrial automation plants and electrical cabinets for a range of applications, managing all or a portion of the manufacturing process from architectural design to commissioning of the machines or plants and final testing.

Seated from Provide Solution’s experience, the business bases its expertise on the professionalism of a team that is skilled in designing semi-automatic and automatic machines, individual components or entire production plants for the most diverse industries, from automotive to packaging, and completing advanced robotics solutions for tending machines and robotic cells, up to the realisation of an entire automatic line. As a result, Labormak can offer turnkey projects that handle every phase of building. As a result, Labormak can offer turnkey projects, handling every step of construction.

At the end of 2021, Solmec Automation, the final company to join our group, started collaborating closely with all of our design teams and engineering workshop. With expert employees knowledgeable in the field of mechanical design and construction, Solmec specializes in producing special and conventional equipment as well as creating electric cabinets.

Solmec Automation è l’ultima azienda entrata a far parte del nostro Gruppo, a fine 2021, e da subito ha iniziato a operare in stretta sinergia con tutti i nostri dipartimenti di progettazione ed officine meccaniche. Solmec è specializzata nella costruzione di macchine standard e speciali e realizzazione di armadi elettrici, con uno staff di professionisti specializzati nel campo della progettazione e costruzione meccanica.