Provide Solution S.r.l. is a service company specialized in mechanical, electrical and software design, able to provide solutions and technical consultancy for a large variety of application area. We offer a complete service, from design to construction and testing, with all the expertise of a highly specialized centre with more than ten years of experience. Founded in 2011, Provide Solution is today at the head of a group including the companies Labormak, Intesa and Birdtech, with a staff of technicians expert in every area of design, automation and mechanical construction, able to define the best solution for each project.


Manutenzione ferroviaria automatizzata

Automated line

COMPANY PROFILE The Pontassive Railway Production Workshop – infrastructures that are part of Rete Ferroviaria Italiana S.p.A. – are involved…



Exploring fundamental concepts for industrial safety: machine performance levels!

In the vast world of industry, understanding performance levels (PL) is crucial! Have you ever wondered what determines the safety capabilities of machines? Let’s discover what makes them so essential. To fully grasp the concept of performance level, we must first delve into a thorough risk analysis. It’s like solving an intricate puzzle, where each…


Safety first

Machine safety is a fundamental activity to safeguard the health and safety of workers, as well as to enhance the company’s productivity by reducing risks and costs. One of the main advantages it offers is protecting workers from risks associated with machine use, thereby reducing the risk of serious or fatal injuries. By minimizing the…


Discover a new significant service: machinery safety.

Provide Solution offers a new important service, machinery safety. Expanding our skills and staying constantly updated to consistently improve performances are two fundamental concepts for our team. Machinery safety involves a 4-step process: Step 1: Risk Assessment The initial phase of securing a machine is risk assessment. This phase is crucial to identify existing hazards,…


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