Design, development and maintenance of customized software solutions for process automation and control.


The Provide Solution Software Division makes its experience in the development of IT applications for process automation and control available to companies. The software development process on mirura is characterized by a strong focus on the quality and safety of the final products, thanks to the use of advanced design methodologies and testing tools.


In particular, Provide Solution deals with the design, development and maintenance of customized software for the specific needs of customers. The professionals and collaborators of the Division work in close collaboration with customers to understand their needs and provide software solutions that meet their business needs. The cutting-edge technologies in the field of software design and the experience gained, since the early 90s, in decades of activity in the sector, guarantee a service of the highest quality and reliability.

Software design and development

Software programming languages:

The choice of the most suitable software depends on the specific needs of the company and the production process, as well as on the characteristics of the automation system already in use. In any case, the use of this software allows you to improve production efficiency, increase safety and reduce management costs.