From the idea to the prototype

Labormak builds prototypes for single elements or for complex machinery for different applications fields by, totally or partly, taking charge of the entire production process, from the construction project up to the implementation of the systems or machines right up to the final testing.

Labormak was set up from the long experience of Provide Solution and its competences are based on the professionalism and skills of a team specialised in the designing of automatic and semi-automatic machinery, of single elements or of entire production systems belonging to a wide range of different sectors: from automotive to packaging, from food and beverage to the biomedical sector.

Speedy results

The transverse application of solutions implies innovation and progress. The high degree of expertise of the personnel and the close collaboration with the certification authorities permit LABORMAK to rapidly create efficient functioning prototypes of the highest quality. This makes LABORMAK a specialised and reliable partner for every production sector.


The solution you are looking for

Due to detailed knowledge of the market, with regard to raw materials, machining operations and of the relevant regulations, highly qualified technical advice can be given on industrial critical issues and problems, by evaluating and solving the construction problems with innovative solutions.

The wide multisectoral experience and the aptitude to daily research allow LABORMAK to merge leading technologies and different experiences in efficient synergies, in order to introduce in new fields solutions adopted in other sectors and to think up new applications for already known technologies.